Friday, March 14, 2008


Remember the reason given by the Dutch authorities in The Hague as to why the Dutch embassy in Beirut is/was closed yesterday and today?

According to the Ministry of Foreign affairs in The Hague, quoted by the ANP news agency on Wednesday: "Demonstrations are expected [in Lebanon] and that is the reason we have decided to close the embassy."


Here a picture I made today of this giant demonstration, on Friday in down-town Beirut. This is the place where demonstrators in Lebanon normally gather. You see anybody or anything, except for parked cars???Frankly - on Thursday and Friday there were NO demonstrations reported in Beirut. Down-town Beirut is today entirely normal. Not a single demonstrator.

I am sure the Ministry in Holland on Wednesday wasn't lying, but did they tell the truth? Well, that is another question...

Harald Doornbos

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Anonymous said...

This made me wonder: is that Hezbollah tent camp still there?