Friday, March 28, 2008


Until now, no dramatic response in the Middle East to Fitna, the Wilders movie. This of course because the movie - due to all the attention and pressure - wasn't that shocking. No Koran was burnt or torn. Wilders 'only' showed a - already known - Danish cartoon.

That said, Harryzzz is trying to give you the latest responses from the Middle East.

As I am currently in Amsterdam promoting a movie (The Hunting Party, NOT FITNA!!!!)I'm very often in touch with my charming assistant in Beirut, Lebanon. She has spoken - last night and this morning - to various relevant people. I've been talking to some people myself as well. Please read below the main developments, especially in Lebanon.

As long as my assistant in Beirut keeps interviewing people, I will update this blog all day from Amsterdam. So check on for the latest stories.

Harald Doornbos

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Anonymous said...

typo in the title "NO-SPNSE".... Harry get funny :-)