Friday, March 21, 2008


Utter shame! I do not have words to describe such injustice! This is probably worse than World War II! We are surrendering to Islamists....

Why? Well, because on Friday there is still NO Dutch flag flying in front of the Dutch embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. I just walked passed the embassy, so I should know.

This of course after - believe it or not - members of the Dutch parliament DEMANDED the flag to be raised again by embassy staff in Beirut. On Tuesday GPD newspapers and this blog were the first ones to report on the 'no flag embassy'.

Now Dutch nationalists are up in arms and going banana's about this, as they claim, "surrender to muslims". They want the flag to be raised immediately.

Good luck with that. Because the flag at the Dutch embassy in Beirut is not flying today because....(drie keer raden!!!!) is GOOD FRIDAY!

And here in Lebanon, A COUNTRY WHERE 70 PERCENT OF THE POPULATION IS MUSLIM, christian days like Good Friday and Easter are official holidays. Through the whole of Lebanon today schools are closed, offices closed and - surprise surprise - the Dutch embassy is closed.

Of course, those Dutch nationalists and muslim haters who would proudly like to fly the Dutch flag on the day Jesus Christ (according to one book at least) was crucified...go ahead. But don't be surprised if ARAB CHRISTIANS start storming the embassy.

Ufff...Difficult to live in a globalized world, isn't it?

Anyhow, flag fetishists have to wait until Tuesday when the embassy opens again.

Harald Doornbos

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Koen said...

Was me niet eens opgevallen. En ik werk dan nog in hetzelfde gebouw :-°