Friday, March 28, 2008


17 hours after Fitna was put on the internet, Dutch citizens in Lebanon received around 25 minutes ago the following message from the Dutch embassy(in Dutch):

"Attentie: Film van Wilders op internet verschenen. Voor nadere info zie website ambassade In noodgeval is ambassade 24 uur bereikbaar op (volgt tel nr). Afz: Nederlandse ambassade."

Harald Doornbos


Anonymous said...

The Dutchies adapt well to the local pace of life :-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't this funny:

"Novum) - Geert Wilders is 'ontzettend blij' dat zijn antikoranfilm 'Fitna' niet tot rellen heeft geleid. "Hulde aan de moslims van Nederland", zei de PVV-leider vrijdag. "Zij hebben zich verantwoordelijker opgesteld dan de minister-president."

What have they done to the real "Geert", this is not our good old "knettergek", "ze kunnen de pot op", "zal me allemaal een worst zijn" and so on..... this is a scheme, this is a "doppelganger" talking ;-)

Toby Sterling said...

Greetings from Amsterdam. My name is Toby Sterling, I'm a reporter for the Associated Press. Could you send me an email so I can email you back privately about something I need to keep confidential?

my address is tsterling at_symbol ap dot org.

Saskia said...

greetings from amsterdam too, from the new years eve-team, enkhuizen, long time ago. nice blog!
saskia kersten

zmooc said...

Strange. I didn't get such a message here in the Netherlands. So what could be the motive for sending people in Lebanon a message while not sending it to people in the Netherlands?

It's probably not discrimination by religion since Lebanese religious demographics aren't really that different from the Dutch ones; Lebanon has only about twice as many muslims as the Netherlands. So that can't really be it. Maybe is it the warmer temperatures in Lebanon that drive our expats mad? Probably not. The only explanation that makes any sense to me, would be that the motive of the dutch embassy in Lebanon to send this message is called racism.

Ernest said...

Man wat zijn ze er weer snel bij!