Monday, January 09, 2006


Iedere maandag op harryzzz, de quote van de week:
Every Monday on harryzzz, the quote of the week:

But first this: I spoke yesterday to a good friend of mine who is currently in Mecca, where he is performing the hajj. He told me, to his own annoyance, that "even four years after 9/11 , hardly any of my fellow pilgrims is willing to admit that Osama bin Laden is to blame for the twin tower attacks". Weird, I said, since Bin Laden himself has more or less admitted it. "Anyway," my friend said, "It's the same old shit about blaming the jews, the CIA and Bush himself."
"Well, anyway, try to have a good time," I said.
"I'll try, I'll try," he responded with a heavy voice.

It's terrible to see that the mixture of Al-Qaeda and ignorance among so many muslims, kills all progressive, rational elements within islam.

That's why the quote of the week is the following:

"Many muslims like to say that Islam is being blamed for the acts of a small radical minority. Such is not the case. It is being blamed for the silence of the many."

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