Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thank god - conspiracy Nr. 1 in poll

A couple of days ago Harryzzz organized a highly exclusive poll. You can see the questions on the right side of your screen. At the question: What was the Flying Terrorist? 45 percent of the voters answered that I made a propaganda clip. 42 percent thought it was indeed a Flying Terrorist. And 11 percent saw something flying but wasn't sure what.

That makes conspiracy theorists Nr. 1 in this poll! (Thank god, otherwise this wouldn't be a real blog from the Middle East, just check this list)

The lesson of this all: Even if you have it on camera people won't believe it. Makes me wonder why the hell I actually risk my life doing this?

Harald Doornbos


RML said...

For our entertainment, perhaps? :)

Riemer Brouwer said...

hehe, thanks for sharing the results of your poll.

Next, you should do a poll on what/who you are:
A. a journalist
B. a spy
C. ...

oh wait, since you are a foreigner this makes you a spy by definition in the eyes of the Lebanese. Let rephrase the poll:

Harald is a:
A. Dutch spy
B. Jewish spy
C. American spy
D. Syrian spy


ella said...


Riemer Brouwer, you forgot:

E. all of the above

Harald Doornbos said...