Saturday, September 22, 2007

For a lazy weekend: The first three minutes of 'The Hunting Party'

Here the first three minutes of The Hunting Party. The movie - starring Richard Gere - is very loosely based on the experiences of me and four friends in Bosnia.

A recent post on Harryzzz explains the story behind The Hunting Party, click here.

Thanks to Erik Schmidt for info.

Harald Doornbos


Ingmar said...

Hey Harald,

any clue of when the movie will arrive in europe? Sounds interresting enough...

Harald Doornbos said...

no idea actually. Up to now, the movie is not doing very well in the US. That said, europe will probably follow later this year.

Anonymous said...

IMDb lists a number of release dates. Of course, Holland is the very last country on the list :-(

Ingmar said...

when i was looking at the imdb site for the precise release date i found something interesting...

It is now official, according imdb you are an actor;)

by the way, the date is 13 March

Harald Doornbos said...

Jooopyyy! finally! (name wrongly spelled of course...)
thanks for posts!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we don't have to wait for march:

The movie is awesome! I can't wait to see it on big screen!

simon said...

Hi Harald, I did not know you were in Bosnia before. I really like your writing about the ME. I am working on the subject Srebrenica from a juridical point of view and I always had the feeling that journalisme failed there. If you 'd like to read, there is a link below.

Harald Doornbos said...

@ Simon,

fully agree. But it was extremely difficult for journalists to properly operate before and during the fall of Srebrenica.

1. Srebrenica was an enclave in RS (Republika Srpska) territory.

2. In order to visit Srebrenica you basically had to, illegally, sneak into the RS and try to pass a frontline in order to be able to get into the enclave. Basically suicide.

3. RS authorities were extremely hostile towards visiting journalists - esp. from NATO countries. Took ages to get a visa.

4. At every RS checkpoint on your way from Zvornik to Pale (you could only enter RS via Serbia) they would write down your departure. If you didn't make it to the next checkpoint 'on time' you would get arrested. Thus, making it very, very difficult to just roam around in the Eastern part of RS. On the Bosnian side you could just do that - roam around freely.

5. The only thing journalits could do during the fall of Srebrenica was writing down the stories from the refugees who arrived in Tuzla. I remember only one western journalist was in RS druing fall srebrenica.

6. A couple of mounths before the fall of Srebrenica I applied to the Dutch army in Zagreb for an 'embed' with Dutch troops in Srebrenica. This was denied by the army because "The Serbs might make problems about a visiting journalist". Luckily commander Karremans told me over the phone from Srebrenica: "Well, there are some problems here, but - as you certainly know - the bigger the problems for the Dutch army, the bigger the challenge."

7. You dont wanna know where I was during the fall of Srebrenica???!!! Well, on a holiday in Sydney, Australia. I still think that I should be granted the Journalism award for "Worst holiday timing ever"


I'll check your site now.

Simon van der Sluijs said...

#7 is hilarious, # 6 would be too, if the retrospective were not so tragical. As you might have read in the 'dagvaarding' via the link, even now journalism in the Netherlands is still failing. Only repeating what Voorhoeve says i.e. those soldiers did what they could under difficult circumstances, Netherlands is not to blame.