Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good news from the Middle East: Harryzzz on CNN website

More and more blogs and news sites all over the world are referring to harryzzz! Especially from Turkey - which is a huge honour! But now even mighty started linking to this little blog.

The thing is though, that CNN still owes me 40 usd. Why? Well, in my, by now, rather extended life, I have done ONE story for CNN. And no, it wasn't recently. Somewhere in the last century, there was news from Kosovo. The CNN correspondent was on a holiday, his replacement absent, the third guy didn't pick up his phone (or was dead, I really don't know). So they eventually called me.

It went like this. My phone rang, I heard a male voice saying: "Hello, is that Harald Door... (inaudible)..whatever...this is CNN in Atlanta."

I said: "Yep, very funny Chris." And hung up..

I was convinced the caller was Chris Stevens, a rather hilarious correspondent working in Kosovo for The Scotsman and other British newspapers. He was a notorious joker (until he threatened an Albanian guy who turned out to be a violent local rebel commander).

One minute later my phone rang again

"Hey, this is CNN from Atlanta, don't hang up. I am not Chris."

I thought: "D'OH."

One hour later I, nervously, filed a little report over the phone. I never got paid for it (as so often in journalism). A couple of days later, somebody told me that CNN pays around 40 usd. "That's even worse than Radio Rotterdam," I said and forgot about it.

Well, eventually, ten years later CNN has "paid" by linking harryzzz. Check it out here (click on from the blogs at bottom of CNN page and the link will appear)

Harald Doornbos


Ingmar said...

wow, and then i tought i had the wrong job to get rich...
But is that 40 dollar a hour or per job? When it is per hour thats not to bad at all;)

Ingmar said...

By the way, can't find you blog on the cnn site, but that won't keep me from reading it.

Harald Doornbos said...

@ ingmar
I guess we all have the wrong job to get rich...unless, of course, you're some kind of silly banker.

You can't find the link? Load the CNN page, click on 'From the Blogs', wait a couple of seconds and link to harryzzz will appear, ciao

Anonymous said...

converted into dm, as i used to do and as which i remember it now, they still owe me 500.

that is because i never claimed the money. i was getting fed up of them asking me to only copy the reports from their regular guy, just having to translate them for their spanish.

i like to do my own stuff, so i gave up on them.

anyways, congratulations, harry. your blog is indeed much better than cn-who?

Anonymous said...

sorry: should read "for their spanish service".