Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Army enters Tripoli

I kind of had upload problems, so here (a little late, but still nice to see) a 2.5 min video I shot of the Lebanese army entering Tripoli after the defeat of Fatah al Islam. Following is text and video I prepared on Monday:

So I thought the Lebanese army was a small army!? Well, no longer.

It looked like an endless stream of soldiers and their gear drove passed us in Tripoli, in Lebanon's north, on Tuesday. Jeep after jeep, tank after tank, APC after APC. If this is a small army, how does a large army look like?

But enough words. Just watch below a, rather chaotic, video I shot in Tripoli of the victorious Lebanese army entering town. Loud Arabic music (a little bit repetitive - guess the music guy had only one tape in his speaker system). Still, very good street party.

Later that day, this huge army convoy moved partly towards Beirut. Everywhere they arrived - again - large crowds along the Beirut-Tripoli highway. It took me around four hours to get back to Beirut. Who says people in the Middle East can't have fun? (Eh...30.000 Palestinians now without a home, Lebanese shiia who weren't celebrating at all, the war in Iraq, position of women in Saudi Arabia - and in every other Arab country, etc, etc.).

But enough with these depressive topics, today was finally time for some serious happy faces!

Harald Doornbos


sam said...

greetings ,but please is their any possibility to get the full video or no chance at all if so please reply with kind regards.

Harald Doornbos said...

@ sam,

If you want, I can make a copy of the 25 minutes i shot. let me know, cheers

sam said...

dear ,

that would be perfect if you don't mind,kind regards.