Sunday, June 03, 2007

URGENT: Islamists attack army checkpoint

Latest news: Islamists from within the Ain el Helweh refugeecamp in Saida, 35 kilometers south of Beirut, have attacked a post of the Lebanese army, just outside the camp.

Just like the Fatah al Islam attacks in and around Tripoli / Nahr al Bared, the assault started on a Sunday and was unprovoked. Some islamists within the camps obviously want to create even more chaos in Lebanon. This is an extremely dangerous escalation that:

1. Put total strain on the Lebanese army

2. Will - for generations to come - destroy any trust between Lebanese and Palestinians

3. Make it almost impossible for Palestinians to keep on living in Lebanon

4. Create so much chaos in Lebanon, that the central authorities might just implode.

5. Shows what a mess you get if you allow islamofascism within your borders.

What a nightmare....

Harald Doornbos

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