Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pictures of War (1)

Here are some pictures I made on the first day (May 20th 2007) of Fatah al Islam's planned attack on Tripoli, north Lebanon. Tomorrow some more pictures of the trouble around the Nahr al Bared camp:

Heavy street fighting between Fatah al Islam guys and the Lebanese Army. Here an army captain looking through my binoculars (Since he had none, I borrowed it to him a little earlier). Next picture he opens fire on the islamists (who were hiding in a building). 45 minutes later, the captain, sadly, was shot in the head.

Member of a special police unit tries to spot Fatah al Islam sniper:

Terrified residents of Tripoli leave their houses after being stuck inside for hours due to fighting between Fatah al Islam militants and Lebanese security forces:

Lebanese soldiers try to reach an appartment where Fatah al Islam militants are firing from. One officer was killed trying to get to the first floor:

Soldiers are collecting RPG's to attack the Fatah al Islam hideout, the appartment in the back with the green/blue windows:

Copyright all pictures: Harald Doornbos

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