Thursday, June 28, 2007

max 162 km/h....not here!

Poor Europeans. Soon the Need for Speed can only be played on computers, not in real life anymore. Because Holland (and Germany and others) are up in arms - European politicians want to limit the speed of cars to 162 km/h.....

Luckily here in Lebanon they have more important things to care about. So if you want to go out for a spin - let me know. 200 km/ problem here. Last night took my Audi out for a spin and got to 170 on a 6 km stretch of highway in east Beirut. And its beautiful weather here.

So dear all...pack your bags and buy a single ticket Amsterdam-Beirut. Only problem here is the very tiny seize of the country. Before you know it, you either crash into the border with Syria or a minefield with Israel (not to mention the potholes in the roads, the blown up bridges, the loonies walking on highways...anyway..look at it as some kind of adventure)

DONT FORGET: Come back to this site later today. Because I'll post a little VIDEO ON IT OF ME DRIVING 162 KM/H THROUGH BEIRUT. There are is no traffic police here - so might be fun. Expect video early afternoon or so.

Harald Doornbos

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