Monday, August 27, 2007

Fasten your seatbelt..last words about the Flying Terrorist

Believe it or not - but my little video of the Flying Terrorist has been a major hit on the Internet - esp. It is ranked 19th in this month youtube popularity chart (in section People and Blogs) at around 255.000 hits.

The same Flying Terrorist clip was watched around 60.000 times via some kind of Dutch server. So that makes a total of around 315.000 hits. Not bad.

Just two short - and final - comments on The Flying Terrorist.

Lot's of people thought the Flying Terrorist was hilarious, funny, way to go etc. Well, those politically incorrect people did not get the point. I'm really getting a litle bit tired of those jokes like "oh, he just did not reach his 72 virgins". Five people even dubbed my video and put their own version on youtube with silly music under it (It's raining men - hallelujah).

Politically correct people though claimed they were "disgusted" or "sick" after viewing the clip. Their armchair remarks went, mostly, like this: 'Even if it is a terrorist, it is still a human being and - thus - a terrible thing to show his death on the Internet.' Or: "What you call a terrorist, others call a freedom fighter."

To those people I can only say: You guys for sure did not get the point. Because, yes, there IS a difference between the death of a terrorist and the death of an innocent civilian. Absolute evil and absolute good might not exist in this world - but there is a difference between a culprit and a victim, between action and reaction. There IS a difference between the Nazi bombings of Rotterdam, Guernica, London and the Allied bombings of Dresden or Berlin. A difference between Apartheid state terror and ANC attacks. A difference between advancing Serb forces and the defending Bosnian Army. A difference between 9/11 and the War on Terror. A difference between Fatah al Islam murderers (Flying terrorist guy) and the regular Lebanese army trying to stop them.

If you refuse to see that difference, well, then we better all just stay home so the motherf****** in this world can start their party. Or like Edmund Burk, an Irish statesman, once said: 'When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle'

Harald Doornbos


Leon said...

Burkes' quote is very usefull in this context. Nevertheless I think it is someway shortsighted to put your ending remarks into some kind of black-and-white version of the world.

Yes, the Nazi's in WWII were really bad guys, and yes, that is really black-and-white. Bu the same does not apply to all examples you use.

Where that version does not exist, but even so proposing it, you open the door to a lengthy discussion about who-did-what in the first place. And that will not be of any added value to the solution for these problems, but will be helping the people you oppose.

RML said...

Hear, Hear! Mofo's like them terrorists (and I do think there are differences between terrorists and freedomfighters) don't need to expect any leniency, and I doubt they do (or give). Yes, the video was extraordinary. Yes, it was kinda cool. And yes, a snuff movie ain't the kind of thing I'm showing my daughter. But people should have read your stories together with the video.

christinA eijkhout said...

Toch een beetje kort-door-de-bocht, 'shortsighted', je commentaar.
Like you say: there is no totally good or totally bad.
Culprit and victim, that's all.
The long list of events weakens the statement.

Anonymous said...


Really, the same does not apply? You are forgetting that you think Nazi in the WWII were really bad guys, but some people at first thought differently. At the beginning of Nazi movement even some Jews in States thought Nazis were not too bad. Funny, isn't it?
You are also forgetting that there were Nazi parties in majority of European countries. So right now you think, yeah, they were really bad guys, but you, right now, have an advantage of hindsight. 20/20 vision I believe is the saying.

Don't think for a moment that people who now talking about Palestinians or Iraq being a reason for their attacks will stop attacking London, Madrid or Paris if Palestine will become independent country. They will find another reason to continue their fight, there is still Kashmir, Chechnya, Somalia, Thailand......., there is still their dream of Caliphate.
So yes, there are no black and white situations, but the difference between this particular shade of gray and black is so minimal as to be nearly non-existent.

Leon said...

@Ella: I guess the similarity is where Nazi ideas resemble that of others. When those ideas propose the annihilation of 'this country' or 'that people' or 'ones with a certain aberration', those ideas are bad. And that is really black-and-white.

I agree with your point that there will always be a reason to wreack havock on this or that country for reasons different from the ones that are given.