Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Lebanon is a dangerous place. Bombs, riots, shootings. That's why I was taken out by the flu... In bed for almost four days. Fever, sweat, hallucinations...Finally I was making sense, my cat told me.

But your reporter is, for the full 99 percent, back! Cured by heavy doses of hardcore Mid East medicines Harryzzzz feels pretty good again.

Although it was pretty wanky by some elements in society to start trouble (on Sunday) while this reporter was swimming in his own sweat, it is understandable that some Lebanese just can not live a day without trouble. I salute this attitude.

So Harryzzz message to the troublemakers in the country: Thou art granted permission to start again!

Our motto: Let the sneakiest bastard win the battle for Lebanon!

Harald Doornbos


ella said...


Right now my cat is reading your post on computer with me, and he is miaouing: "Are you sure Harald got over his flu? Let me talk to his cat, miauuuuuuuuu"

m.p. said...

was that a sunni or a shiite virus? or was it christian, after all?

good to see you back!

pina said...

i am happy your good again. can't wait for some good analysis again.