Thursday, July 12, 2007

Inside the red mosque

I visited today the Red Mosque in Islamabad. But because a very dear friend of mine died today, I don't feel like writing a lot.

Mosque complex is still kind of ok. No major destruction. 99 percent of structure is still standing. Lots of bullet holes though and fire damage inside the madrassa and the student rooms. Some fire damage too inside and outside the mosque. The two minarets are a little damaged.

I expected much, much more destruction. Still, it is obvious that the Pak army has been cleaning up the place before journalists were allowed to visit it. And strange to see ok-looking books and clothes in rooms with very heavy fire damage. Also no bodies, no blood on the floors or walls. Not a single spot.

Anyway. It was good to see the complex with my own eyes after having to camp all these days in the vicinity and having heard so many explosions coming from its direction.

Harald Doornbos


Randy said...

My condolences,stay strong.

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klote nieuws. houd je taai.