Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm still in Islamabad, Pakistan. Talking to a lot of people here and trying to grasp what is going to change in Pakistan due to these most amazing election results...

The islamists have been crushed (from 63 to 3 seats). Musharraf and allies seriously defeated (from 118 to around 50 seats - 38 PML-Q backed by around 10 or 15 independent, pro-PML-Q candidates).

Here the final results:

Harald Doornbos


Lalebanessa said...

It's interesting to see these results considering all the predictions that Musharraf was going to rig the elections.

EFCE said...

Hey Harald! Stomtoevallig stuit ik op je blog. Heb je een mooie journalistieke loopbaan zien maken/horen maken de afgelopen jaren. Heb leuke herinneringen aan onze samenwerking heeel veel jaren geleden.

Groeten Frans - oud-collega bij de leftwing newspaper:-)