Friday, June 06, 2008


Ok, I published this clip already some weeks ago on Youtube, but it was deleted pretty quickly - no idea why.

So here, now via Liveleak, exclusive pictures I shot while embedded with US troops in Iraq, 2005. Why now - well, why not.

This is what happened:

1. Baghdad by night, around 21.00 hours.
2. The troops I'm with have just raided a compound, looking for possible car bombs.
3. US troops set up temporary checkpoint on the road in front of the compound.
4. Civilian car jumps the checkpoint.
5. US troops suspect car bomb, fire four warning shots in the air.
6. Car keeps on driving towards us.
7. US tank on road fires at vehicle.
8. Iraqi driver survives, but Iraqi man at passenger seat wounded.
9. US medic tries to save the wounded man.
10. Wounded man dies next to the car.

BTW: There weren't any explosives in the car, both Iraqi men were unarmed. It never became clear to me why they jumped the checkpoint.

Music in this video is from The Cult.

You can NOT comment on this video. (It is pretty clear what is happening, so no need for silly remarks)

Harald Doornbos


Core said...

Well Harry...we do miss your regular updates!

Maybe an insight how they cover the European Football in Libanon? ;-)

I guess they (did) favor France?

de maarten ;-) said...

Indeed we do although I do not really fancy more soccer news.

maarten said...

Karadzic aangehouden, ik had wel een post verwacht hier. Wat is er aan de hand?

Iormungandr said...

Harryzzz where are you? It cannot be that no news is happening in the Balkan and Midle East?