Wednesday, May 14, 2008


At this moment (Wednesday night), I can hear very loud celebratory fire coming from the Shi'ite suburbs. According to Naharnet, the government of PM Siniora has revoked two measures concerning Hezbollah telecommunications network and the reassignment of the head of the airport security.

According to a good source of mine: Beirut international airport will reopen tomorrow.

So after a week of launching a mini-civil war, Hezbollah and their allies have won the telephone network and the general back. Wow, they must be so happy. Especially because they lost the respect of almost all other Lebanese...

Hezbollah said over and over again (for literally 19 years, since Taif-agreement): "We will never use our weapons against fellow Lebanese, only against Israel."


I was Friday in Hamra street. I saw heavily armed Hezbollah fighters with RPG's and machine guns. I walked with them. Saw how they arrested local guys. Saw and heard how they shot in the air. How they aimed their machine guns at anybody moving. How they shouted "We're gonna get the dog!" (Dog = Saad Hariri, who was 70 meters down the road stuck in his castle).


The world is flat. Bush is a clever guy. Iran only wants nuclear energy. Hezbollah will never use its weapons against fellow Lebanese.

Harald Doornbos

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Anonymous said...

I love the story... especially the last two lines. So many stupid people in this world.