Monday, November 26, 2007


14th of March, 8th of March. President this, no, president that. I really don't understand why the Lebanese want any of it.

I never ever hear a Lebanese politician talking about fighting poverty in the country. Or battling unemployment. What a about a minimum wage for workers? Or it might be a good idea to force the two phone companies to abandon their outrages - no, criminal - rates of 0.5 dollar a minute which is crippling already poor people. Or what about the endless power cuts (between 3 and 8 hours a day now and it is only getting worse)? Since a couple of days, there's even trouble with the water supply in most parts of Beirut.

But no, the only thing in the mind of Lebanese politicians is the defense of either American-, Saudi-, Syrian- or Iranian interests. It is kind of shameful these Lebanese politicians even dare to call themselves Lebanese... (and don't worry, they all have second passports of various countries).

Yesterday I received an email from a friend which sums it all up. While many places in the world look beautiful by night, please take a look at romantic Beirut.


Singapore by night:

Amsterdam by night:

Beirut by night:

Harald Doornbos


Bom said...

Seems Beirut is doing their part for the environment, by not having all those unnecessary streetlights on alllll night, like we do in Europe. :-/

Harald Doornbos said...

Well, unnecesarry streetlights? Add an extra 100 people killed in traffic, 1000 raped, 10.000 robbed a year because of a lack of unnecesarry streetlights....

M Bashir said...

ouch :-( that's a very dark picture, and you right about the priorities of the politicians...

btw, more than 800 people killed in road accidents in the first 10 months of 2007 in Lebanon according to YASA.