Friday, May 23, 2008


Geert Wilders should keep his bodyguards and wait booking an exiting holiday to Lebanon...

Because although there were, until now, no heavy handed reactions to his Fitna movie, influential religious leaders here in Lebanon are - weeks after Fitna was published - actively trying to create a response.

You can watch this all below in a reportage made by my fixer/translator Jenan Moussa. She was so friendly to give this blog the exclusive rights to her exclusive story.

Couple of main points in her seven minute reportage:

Most actively anti-Fitna is sheikh Raed Hlayhel, who also organized violent world wide protests against the Danish cartoons in 2006.

"Remember that the cartoons were published in September 2005 and the riots started in late January 2006," tells Hlayhel to Moussa (see a picture of her, on assignment in Beirut).

"Bin Laden leads certain Jehadi operations," continues Hlayhel, "He is wanted by the whole world, but still part of the Ummah [The community of Muslims]. When it comes to the prophet, what insults me also insults Bin Laden. I will respond by debating with my opponent, Bin Laden is going to respond by doing what he does." Interestingly, Hlayhel recently visited Saudi Arabia to coordinate possible actions against "those who keep on insulting the prophet".


Another character in Moussa's reportage is Omar Bakri, a notorious Al-Qaeda supporter who was kicked out of the UK and now lives in Lebanon.

Bakri also makes some points. First of all this: Al-Qaeda might attack Holland "to defend the honour of the prophet Muhammad".

"And", says Bakri, "The Quran clearly states: Anybody who swears or insults the prophet, kill him!" So yes, there is capital punishment [in Islam]."

On the other hand is Bakri happy with the Fitna movie "because it is part of the battle between Islam and non-Islam and the islamsts must capitalize on it to recruit more people."

Because Islam never speaks with one voice, Moussa also interviews a Muslim leader who is much more moderate.

Harald Doornbos


Oranje Boven said...

Did you tell your fixer about the recent arrest of Nekschot in Holland. Show a few of his cartoons to the beards in Libanon and she'll be writing plenty of follow-ups.

Wilders is a boy scout compared to Nekschot. See here for some of his cartoons:

Anonymous said...

Fitna is called a DUTCH movie.
I oppose strongly !!!
Finta is a movie by Geert Wilders !!!
I am Dutch and I find Fitna a clumsy polarising amature film, and needlesly rude!!. Geert Wilders is behaving paranoid and single minded. The majority of Dutch people do not oppose Islam, but oppose intolerance and violence.
This world can be Eden for all of us!! a vision shared by Muslims, Jews and Christians!!!! see f.i.

Hans said...

Please all read : "Calming the fearful mind" by Thich Nhat Hanh.
This Bhuddhist monk has touched my heart and started a movement of peace and reconcilliation during the Vietnam war, and was part of the peace negotiations.

Let's learn from this wise man, and his message of love and peace.

m.p. said...

well, 5:19 has a point here.

ella said...

This world could be Eden but ..... story says that our forebears were booted out of paradise because they acquired brains and independent thinking so naturally I am somewhat skeptical about the whole idea. On the other hand I found out that independent thinking is in short supply in some parts of the ME (and outside of it) so there may be a hope of Eden for us.

As for buddist monks - saints are present in every religion. But peace and reconciliation in Vietnam got trampled by the boots of communist commissars. Their boots are still there.

Hans said...

Dear Ella,

Thanks for your remarks.
Your reaction really proves the point.
We are caught in distrust and hatred and the violent ending of war leaves only losers. So to becom all victors, please ALL read the book of Thich Nath Hanh. ISBN 1-88375-51-5.
Or any of his 70 books on compassion and (inner-) peace