Thursday, May 22, 2008


Even in Holland, most people have already forgotten about Fitna, the anti-Islam movie by Dutch MP Geert Wilders. But here in the Middle East some haven't.

Tomorrow on this blog an interesting little reportage made by my fixer/interpreter Jenan Moussa, here pictured while on assignment in Beirut, yesterday.

Moussa, herself a Muslim, recently interviewed well known religious figures in Lebanon about Fitna. Among them, Raed Hlayhel, the Tripoli-based mullah who orchestrated world wide muslim protest against the Danish cartoons. And Omar Bakri, a notorious Al-Qaeda sympathiser, who lost his British passport and now also lives in Tripoli, northern Lebanon.

Hlayhel, who recently travelled to Saudi Arabia to 'discuss actions against Fitna with fellow Muslims' warns people in Holland not to think it is all over. "Remember that the cartoons were published in fall 2005 and the riots started in January 2006," he claims.

Omar Bakri expects Al-Qaeda to respond to Fitna. "Bin Laden is serious," he claims.

Says Moussa: "I don't know of course what will happen. The reaction might come with Fitna, it might not come with Fitna. But little by little there is a build-up of lava and it is only a matter of time until the volcano explodes."

So don't forget to watch tomorrow!

Harald Doornbos

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