Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Arab Media (1)

This picture, left, shows members of the new Saudi Arabian government. Really? No, of course not. But does it really matter that something is actually true?

Some time ago I was in Syria. Beautiful country. Very friendly people. Great traffic (compared to Beirut at least) and damn nice and trendy restaurants. One thing though (well, there are more, but lets stick to one point): The media totally sucks! Read the Syria Times and every real journalist just wants to commit harakiri. Believe it or not, but the Syria Times sometimes quotes "www" as a source. No, www isn't some kind of reliable press agency, but the 'world wide web'. Basically, anything published on the Internet might end up as a fact in the Syria Times.

Every now and then, I'll publish here a link to articles, in English, published in the Arab media. These articles are EXTREMELY uninteresting, silly, ridiculous and most of all COMPLETELY badly and amateurishly written. Its an endless combination of opinion, half-facts, rumors, lies - all badly written texts. Why should you read this crap? Well, to get an idea how the mind goes in the Middle East. You want to understand how the Age of Ignorance is taking shape here? Just decide to waste five minutes of your time and read the following article: http://syriatimes.tishreen.info/_politic.asp?FileName=67859604420070612093027

Aaaaah....something more: Please read the Worst Interview Ever Conducted On This Planet (a so called: WIECOTP). British MP George Galloway being interviewed by the Syrian Times. Some details:

On press freedom in the UK:

Galloway: (...) Now, if they are going to apply this law they will persecuting me every day of the week. This is a major attack on freedom of speech.‏ ‏

Syria Times: That is injustice.

(Me: Please remember that this interview is being conducted in Syria‏! One of the world's most repressive regimes when it comes to free-speech or free media)

On president Bashir al Assad:

Syria Times: Was some point discussed that was distinguished during the meeting with the President?‏

Galloway: "We covered the whole world in 60 minutes. I was very impressed by his knowledge, by his sharpness, by his flexible mind. I was very very impressed. This is not the first time I met him briefly in London when he came to British parliament, but didn`t get the chance to talk with him in depth. Yesterday, we covered so many subjects. Syria is lucky to have Bashar al-Assad as her President. "

And the end of the interview is just pathetic:

Syria Times: "Thank you again and we like to remain friends as freedom fighters. Thank you Mr. Galloway.‏"

Galloway: "Thank you.‏ "‏

(Me: Let's all thank Mr. Galloway for his wise words. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.)

The whole interview with Galloway (prepare for headache) at: http://syriatimes.tishreen.info/_default.asp?FileName=79783973120050807145803
Harald Doornbos


Riemer Brouwer said...

Heh, i remember reading the Syria Times the day after the huge March 14 demo in Beirut. On the front page a picture of a demonstration. "Wow", i thought, "they actually pay attention to this huge anti-Syria event in Lebanon".

But no, it was about a demonstration in Homs in which the good citizens of that town pledged their support to the great leader Bashar Assad!

It's articles like that which totally make my day:-)

W. Burger said...

Isn't this true for most of the Arab press? (with the exception of at least some Lebanese newspapers, such as the Daily Star and anNahar).
I would be more interested though to know what the Arab language newspapers write in countries like Syria. I wouldn't be surprised if that were even worse.
You are speaking of the "age of ignorance". In the case of Syria there is of course a dictatorship that has an interest in keeping its population ignorant...

dp said...

Of course in the west their is also no real free press. Just read Manufacturing Consent by Herman and Chomsky. It's all hype and lies.

So let's not be too hypocrital about the Arab media, OK?